The Power Packed Fruit

Literally, this Fruit Doesn't Need An Introduction.
Does It?
It is An Excellent Natural Source Of Instant Energy Because It is Rich In Vitamins, Minerals, Carbohydrates and Electrolytes.
Let's talk about Something That Offers Absolute Respite.
Water Melon Body BenefitsIt Increases antioxidants in our bodyIt Hydrates the BodyIt Controls Blood PressureThey're Rich in Vitamin C That Strengthens our Immunity SystemIt Lowers Inflammation and Oxidative StressIt Helps Relive Muscle SorenessIt Helps Improve Heart HealthIt Helps Improve Bone HealthIt Prevents CancerIt Prevents AsthmaIt Improves Digestion Water Melon Skin BenefitsSkin Revitalisation: If Applied From Outside, By Rubbing the Back (Peel) of the Water Melon On Your SkinNatural Toner: By Just Mixing and Applying Watermelon Juice on your face with a neat napkin or a cotton ball and Rinse It After It Dries OffHealthy & Glowing Skin: By Applying the Watermelon Pulp All Over Your Face and Neck For Like Fifteen Minutes o…

Honey and Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Honey and Brown Sugar Scrub
This Will Make You Wonder Why You Ever Bought a Body Scrub From the Store because We All Know That Skin Care Products are a Bit Pricey and Questionable. Now you have an Alternative!
Wander Over to your Kitchen with Only Few Ingredients and Make Various Scrubs to Help Combat Different Beauty Concerns You Have.

Brown SugarOlive OilHoneyVanilla EssenceCinnamon(Optional) Direction
Combine all ingredients  in a bowl until fully mixed and store in an airtight container or jarUse it as a Scrub and Wait for Results Drop your Feedbacks in the Comment Section Below

Banana and Sugar Body Scrub

Banana and Sugar Body Scrub
This Scrub is great for Dry Skin Because; Sugar helps remove old skin cellsCoconut oil & Butter works as a moisturiserShea butter provides vitamin ABanana contains large amount of antioxidants and manganese Ingredients Sugar BananaCoconut OilCoconut ButterShea Butter Direction Mix Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Butter and Banana in a blenderBlend until smoothStir in SugarApply to BodyEnjoy! Also Know That The Mixture Wont Last Long Because it contains real food but you can refrigerate it to extend their shelf life.
The Quantity Also Depends on How much you want.
Have a Nice Day.

Get Rid Of Dark Lips

Pink Lips Adds a Friendly Warm Touch To One's Smile and Of Course, Every Girl Wants a Flaunt Soft and Pink Lips
Oh!Not Just Girls.
Both Genders I Mean.
Dark and Pigmented Lips Has Become A Constant Problem Nowadays
Here are Some Stuff to Use:
Almond OilCoconut OilCucumber JuiceApple Cider VinegarRosewaterBaking Soda All You Need To Do Is 'Dip and Rub'.
That Of Baking Soda is not known by many Fellas But It works!
You Mix Baking Soda & Water to form a PasteApply The Paste On Your LipsRub Gently With Your Fingertip or  A Tooth Brush Preferably, in a Circular Motion For 3 to 4 Minutes Max.Rinse Thoroughly and Apply Lip BalmRepeat Process Once A Day and Wait For Result I Think You Should Also Know What Causes Darkness of the Lips. Some are Natural Yeah? I Know! Causes Of Dark Lips Reaction to Cosmetics (Lip balms, Lipsticks etc)AgeingSmokingExposure To SunExcess Drinking Of Tea or Coffee Because It Burns The LipDehydration Caution Don't Use All Oils At Once You Can Try A…

Beauty Benefits Of Ice Cubes

We All Know What Ice Is Yeah?It is Water In Solid Form i.e Frozen Water.
Ice Therapy is Extremely Rejuvenating and Easy On Your Pocket Too.
When It comes to beauty hacks, An Ice Cube is the Most Underrated Product.
It is Easy To Make And Extremely Versatile. Best Of All, It's Practically Free!
However, You Need to be Consistent With Your Therapy. If not, it Won't Have Any Impact On Your Skin.

Ice Therapy Increases Blood CirculationIt Reduces The Appearance Of WrinklesIt Softens Your LipsIt Relieves SunburnIt Reduces Tweezing InflammationIt Gives You An Oil Free LookIt Makes Your Foundation Look FlawlessIt Enhances Product AbsorptionIt Soothes PimplesIt's an Easy Remedy For Heat Rashes tooIt Works As A Natural Primer
In Short, It Exfoliates The Skin
Do Not Apply Ice Cubes Directly On Your Face,Wrap them in a Cotton Cloth And Use
Before You Start,Make Sure You Don't Have MakeUp
Always Massage or Rub In Circular Motion
Share Your Experience in the Comment Section …

Ever Wondered Why Mango Is Called King Of Fruits?

Well,Its because of it's Multifaceted Benefits And When I Talk Of Multifaceted Benefits, I Mean- It Doesn't Only Please your Taste Buds but Your Skin Too.
Besides, Mangoes Are Not Just Beneficial To The Skin But The Hair And Many Others.
Including Mango in your Diet Will Make You Healthier.
No Doubt About That!
If You Have A Dull Hair and You're Wondering How To Make It Shiny, You Need Vitamin A in your Diet Because It Has Scalp Conditioning Properties. Orange Fruits like Mango Provides Nourishment to the Hair and Treats Dandruff. Health Benefits Of MangoHelps Lower CholesterolImproves DigestionMay Help Reduce DiabetesHelps Prevent AsthmaImproves Eye HealthRegulates Blood PressureIt Enhances Skin HealthImproves ImmunityMight Treat AneamiaLet's Not Forget The ToothSome Quality Too Mango & Milk Face Mask Ingredients
Raw MilkMango Direction
Warm the Milk and Let It Cool Cut/Chop Mango and Make PulpAdd The Mango Pulp to The MilkMix Until SmoothApply Evenly to the Face

Carrot Face Mask

I Know you're probably wondering how carrot can be used on the face!Well, It's Easy Carrot Face Mask For All Skin Type INGREDIENTS Grated CarrotsHoney(Small Qty)Milk Cream(Small Qty)Few Drops Of Olive Oil DIRECTIONS Grind grated Carrots to a Smooth PasteAdd the Grated Carrots and Other Ingredients and Mix Well With A Spoon/SpatulaCleanse/Wash Off Your Face and Apply the Mixture EvenlyLet it Sit for 15-20 Minutes and Wash off With Cold Water Apply Twice a Week For Best Results Carrot Face Mask For Acne This Face Mask Is For Acne Specifically because Honey and Lemon have Antibacterial Properties which kills "Microbes" and Microbes Cause Acne
INGREDIENTS Carrot PasteHoneyFresh Lemon Juice or Drops DIRECTION  Boil CarrotsMash Boiled Carrots and Add Honey And Lemon JuiceApply on Cleansed or Washed Face For 30MinsWash Off BENEFITS OF CARROTS ON THE SKIN Sun ProtectionSkin HydrationPrevents WrinklesTreatment of Skin Ailments like PimplesRevitalisation of SkinTreatment of Blemis…